Gifted and Talented
‘Gifted’ is defined as children who are able in one or more of the ‘academic’ subjects (e.g. mathematics, English, science, geography, history, psychology, sociology etc) and ‘talented’ is defined as children who are very able in art, music, drama, P.E. or dance.  Children identified as gifted or talented are working at levels well beyond their peers in that subject.  (Roughly two to three year groups above.)

Children are identified using one or all of the following guidelines:

  • The Government asks schools to pick between 5 and 10% of all students to be on the G & T National Register
  • Roughly two-thirds should be gifted and one-third talented
  • Children do not need to be brilliant at everything, but they must demonstrate the potential to do well in a range of subjects, and/or one of the ‘talent’ subjects. 
  • Teachers make recommendations based on their professional judgement and may use homework and outside class performances to back up their judgements
  • Schools use previous test scores to keep it fair, e.g. SATs, reading tests

We are part of a cluster with other local schools to offer a greater breadth of provision. 

The governing body of the school monitors policy and practice on a regular basis.  There is a named link governor for this area.


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