Introduction to New End

New End Primary School is a happy and diverse school that seeks to promote high academic achievement for all its children while ensuring that they are well rounded, well adjusted individuals.  Learning is an ongoing process that starts from birth, and it is the role of the school to provide every opportunity to develop the potential of your child.  The environment for learning must have a stimulating, secure and caring base and build on children’s existing knowledge of the world around them.

The families’ contribution to the school is essential and New End believes that communication between parents and staff is paramount.  This support and involvement contributes to the positive learning partnership within which the children can develop their skills and knowledge.

Classes at New End are organised as follows:

2 Reception Classes                         Early Years Foundation Stage

2 Year One Classes
2 Year Two Classes                          Key Stage One

2 Year Three Classes
2 Year Four Classes                         Key Stage Two
2 Year Five Classes
2 Year Six Classes

There is a maximum of 30 children in each class

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