School Dress Code

Although we do not currently have a school uniform, New End has a dress code that must be adhered to at all times.  

Children should always look smart, clean and tidy, demonstrating that they are ready to learn.  Please ensure that your child wears sensible clothing and shoes that are appropriate for school.  They should be able to dress and undress themselves as we encourage them to look after themselves as much as possible. 

New End has a voluntary school uniform.  It consists of:

  • Burgundy fleece/sweatshirt with school logo
  • Blue/burgundy polo-shirt with school logo
  • Grey skirts, shorts, trousers or tracksuit bottoms
  • Light blue gingham summer dress

The fleeces, sweatshirts and polo-shirts are available from along with school book bags, rucksacks and baseball caps.  

If children are wearing their own clothes, they should be appropriate to a school environment.  Clothes which are more suited for weekends (eg: fancy dress, football shirts, ripped jeans, slogan t-shirts, etc) should not be worn.  Please do not send your child in special clothes as, in spite of our best efforts, clothes can occasionally get spoilt. 

Footwear should be supportive, cushioned and have a good grip. If wellington boots are worn into school due to adverse weather, a change of footwear should be provided.

We allow only simple stud earrings for health and safety reasons.  Plain watches with a dial or digital face may be worn. 

Children with shoulder length hair or longer usually find it best to have their hair tied back but they must have it tied back for PE for health and safety reasons. Hair accessories should be appropriate to a school setting.

Make up and nail varnish are not allowed.

Please take account of the weather each day as your child spends over an hour in the playground during breaks each day.  In summer we encourage hats and a coating of sun cream before arriving at school, and discourage bare shoulders and backs.  In winter, please ensure that your child has a suitably warm coat and a hat and gloves.

All children from Year One upwards must have a PE kit.  This PE kit consists of:

  • Burgundy t-shirt with school logo
  • Black or navy shorts
  • A change of plimsolls/trainers
  • Tracksuit during the winter months
  • Children in Nursery and Reception should wear their kit on their PE day as it is often too difficult for them to change by themselves.

Please mark all your child’s clothes clearly with your child’s name.  Children’s clothes are expensive.  The school cannot be held responsible for lost items but we do our best to find them.  This is made easier if the clothes are clearly labelled.

Lost property is found in a box by the staffroom on the ground floor.

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