Staff List 2016 - 2017
Karyn Ray      Headteacher
Alan Girling       Deputy Headteacher
Heidi Meakin  Assistant Headteacher

Year Group Teachers

Year Group Support Staff

Miss Maria Fay (Nursery)

Mrs Yolanda Fearon, Ms Veronica Lopez (Nursery Officers), Mrs Denise Hudson and Mrs Anne Bragoli

Miss Lily Meades (RM)  


Ms Jasbir Sohal / Ms Siobhan Flack (RS)

Ms Esma Ince and Mr Mohammed Malik (Nursery Officers)

Mrs Nini Kermani / Ms Siobhan Flack (1K)


Miss Monika Drozd (1D)

Miss Izzie Allies, Mrs Azita Azizi, Mrs Lorraine Donovan and Miss Laura McInnes

 Miss Charlotte Elvidge (2E)


Mrs Laura Nice (2N)

Mr Peter Davis and Miss Lucy Kindall

Mrs Arlene Coventry / Mr Regis Peyraque (3C)


Mrs Megan Pye / Mr Regis Peyraque (3P)

Miss Polly Kanaris, Mr Mubeen Tariq and Mrs Lorraine Wiggett

Miss Rosa Thorby (4T)


Miss Bernadette Warwick (4W)

Miss Emma Brown, Mrs Joy Shudell and Miss Debra Walberg

Mrs Heidi Meakin / Mrs Sue Ling (5H)


Miss Natasha Wilson (5W)

Mrs Emily Everitt, Mrs Grethe Luton, Mrs Lorraine Stander and Mrs Amanda Thaine

Miss Julie Gage (6J)


Mrs Rachel Segal (6S)

Miss Karolina Bujusova, Miss Cheryl Cameron and Miss Louise Irvine

Classroom and Learning Support      
Sue Ling 5H
Siobhan Flack (0.6) RS, 1K, PPA Cover
Dominique Habboo PPA Cover, KS2 Support
Regis Peyraque 3C, 3P
EMA   Regis Peyraque (0.6)
SEND Support   Linda Kennedy (0.6)
  Jane Sedley (0.6)
Music Teachers  
Maria Walker  Class Music
Jack Burnaby Piano
Elizabeth Challenger Piano
Steven Edwards    Guitar
Denise Georgiou     Violin
Rosie Reed   Recorder / Woodwind     
Support Staff  
Bursar          Annamaria Morris
Administration Officer Amanda Connors
Office Zeneath Simon
Site Managers 

Dean Embley

Senior Meals Supervisor     Joy Shudell
Meals Supervisors Izzie Allies
  Azita Azizi
  Anne Bragoli
  Cheryl Cameron 
  Peter Davis
  Lorraine Donovan
  Louise Howard (0.2)
  Denise Hudson  
  Louise Irvine    
  Polly Kanaris
  Lucy Kindall
  Grethe Luton   
  Amanda Thaine
  Lorraine Wiggett

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